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Do you have a planter or pot and some soil?  Then save with the best deal anywhere on cat grass seed!  We will send you a HALF POUND of organic cat grass seed (avena sativa), the kind most often recommended by top veterinarians for pets and livestock, especially cats.  WE REFUSE TO BE UNDERSOLD.  $8.95 INCLUDING SHIPPING delivers to your address eight ounces, about a year's supply for the average house cat.  By growing in a planter you will find that the grass lives many times longer than in disposable trays, and there is no wasteful plastic trash to dispose of.  The health benefits of greens for felines is well documented, and I know that my own cat is so crazy about cat grass I have to be sure she doesn't eat too much at one time.  Our organic seed is the highest quality available, and is USDA inspected and approved.  Be good to your cat with econokitty.com health products.  At econokitty.com we care about your pet.

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  • Missy Cat, our favorite catgrass cat.

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    Our cats have the best health in town! We walked the USA and found nothing to compare to our product.
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    We will make every effort to insure that you will not find a lower price on oat grass seed (avena…
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