1/2 LB. oat grass seed (avena sativa)

1/2 LB. oat grass seed (avena sativa)
1/2 LB. oat grass seed (avena sativa)
Brand: EconoKitty
Product Code: avena sativa
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Price: $8.95
Catgrass from oat grass seed - the healthiest kind! Use your own planter and soil and save big. Cats are crazy about catgrass, and it's very good for them. In fact my cat gets quite miffed when I run out of it, so I've begun staggering plantings to overlap in multiple pots. Just some of the benefits for your pet are fresh breath, no more hairballs, digestive regularity, noticeably better general health, and cats leave other potentially dangerous plants alone when they can get catgrass. Try some and see for yourself. Be good to your cat with econokitty.com pet health products.
We refuse to be undersold! $8.95 INCLUDING SHIPPING delivers to your address a FULL HALF POUND of organic avena sativa (oat seed), enough to grow about a year's supply of catgrass for the average housecat. USDA inspected and approved. Sorry, due to federal regulations we can only ship to the lower 48 US states and D.C. at this time.

Order by mail or contact us at https://econokitty.com/contact-us, P.O. Box 834, Plymouth FL 32768-0834
RETURNS: If you are disappointed with our product in any way, simply return the unused portion and your purchase price will be refunded.
Our preferred growing method: In a 4" pot, fill with quality soil close to top, water to soak, and spread 30 - 40 seeds on top. Cover with barely enough soil to obscure seeds. Be sure soil stays moist. When seeds sprout (about four days), expose to as much direct sun as possible, and do not allow soil to dry completely. Serve when grass reaches about 4" in height. Fertilize lightly for increased growth rate (optional). Remember that if cats eat too much of anything too fast, they will regurgitate. After several weeks grass will start to brown and produce seeds. Time to cut them down and start over! 

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